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  1. I thought Prayut said its up to each Governor of their respective provinces to act, obviously not if he signs off on it.
  2. The reality of the world today during this pandemic showing us that not only are there some twisted doctors/professional out there that we would normally trust on any given day to deliver us our prescriptions/meds/vacs, well this is new one, and trust for me for these professionals is out the window because of some absolute selfish idiots who have their own opinions being thrust upon us, leaving the vacs out of the freezers to not be affective is a deliberate act to mislead people into thinking they are being vaccinated with effective vaccines, this guy should be up on attempted murder charges
  3. Unless the other side doesn't use email, or requires letters duly signed.
  4. I would say that it's a good time to be transferring money if your so inclined as it's around 23 baht to the $ today. The problem the Ozzies have is that the forces pushing the dollar higher are not necessarily going to support the wider economy. The coronavirus vaccine will need to become widely available for a strong, sustainable economic recovery to take hold. Also wouldn't hurt if the Reserve Bank directly, rather than indirectly, exerted downwards pressure on the dollar by actively selling its AUD reserves in the currency market. We're not q
  5. Let the countdown begin, 9 days to go, i.e. I did state in another post that Prayut would do a Nationwide lockdown come 10 January, after he said he wouldn't lock down the nation (totally irresponsible comment by a leader), place your bets ladies and gentlemen, place your bets
  6. Should be a law against that, first to get vaccinated, and never go to the front line when there is a war, cowards, the lot of them, no wonder I can't stand them, they are below the status of used car salesmen and real estate agents, although I do know some of them and they are ok guys.
  7. Now what about those who don't wish to get the vaccine, i.e. not all believe in vaccinations and I don't feel it would be right to take someone's liberty away from them, although some governments around the world are punishing them for not vaccinating their kids for school by taking away welfare payments for certain things. Viruses will continue to survive, as we will, with or without vaccinations.
  8. We are talking in time with everything and everyone having had the opportunity, say 12 months from now, after that, it should be fair game. The show must go on as the saying goes.
  9. Not afraid of the vaccine or the virus for that matter, that said, I don't see why I should be quarantined if I have the vaccine, in other words, what's the purpose to have the vaccine if I have to spend tens of thousands of $'s to return to my homeland to visit family and then the same in Thailand upon my return. Should be vaccine, free pass to travel, those who choose not to be vaccinated shouldn't be at my expense for me to quarantine for them, simple really, i.e. I comply, therefore I should get a free pass, those that choose not to comply get what they get at their own expense
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  10. Actually they have taken my choices away by enforcing quarantine, how else is one supposed to visit family if they don't travel, it's not a choice, it's reality as are all sorts of other diseases, fact of the matter is they have overstepped their authority IMO.
  11. Woose's, even when I sit in a singlet, flip flops and a G-string on back the front, it's hot, yes even when the temperature drops to 9 degree Celsius, just remember it's
  12. The only thing I don't get is that from what I have read, these vaccines while provide us with protection against the virus, we can still be infected (Asymptomatic) and pass on the virus to others, like now with Asymptomatic people, add to that, we are all still going to have to quarantine for the 14 days at our own expense, so the question is, wouldn't we all be better off not getting it and only injecting those that really need it, the ones highest at risk ?
  13. You mean like keeping them at Nauru, Christmas Island, and Manus Island.
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