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      公司主要产品应用配套于铁路牵引变压器,动车组,太阳能薄膜电池板,100KV~330KV变压器等输电变行业;其产品细分为3520酚醛层压纸管,3640环氧酚醛玻璃布管,改性二苯醚玻璃布管(H级),单面上胶纸,,双面上胶纸,355双马来酰亚胺环氧层压玻璃布管,菱格上胶绝缘纸,1411 酚醛树脂溶液,1032三聚氰胺醇酸浸渍漆,1032-1快干浸渍漆,1230醇酸覆盖漆,绝缘皱纹纸,制作和加工T4纸板筒及绝缘件,变压器无励磁分接开关,太阳能薄膜接线盒等。其产品多年来为保定天威集团等大中型变压器公司和太阳能光伏企业配套,用户遍布全国各地,并随他们的产品远销国外。






成人免费电影成人免费电影,大象焦依人456大象焦依人456,男性缩乳手术多少钱男性缩乳手术多少钱Baoding Qianda Electric Co., Ltd. (Baoding suburbs Insulation Material Factory) founded in 1987, covers an area of 20,000 square meters, construction area of 8,000 square meters, its registered capital is 12 million Yuan , number of employees 130 people, the company is located No. 198 Center East Street, Qing Yuan County, Baoding City.


It fully utilizes the geographical advantages of convenient transportation, advanced communication and elegant environment. Company have advanced equipment and comprehensive craft, we run according to the IS09001:2008 international authentication standard.



Our main product applications supporting in the railway traction transformer, Electric Multiple Units train, solar cells, 100KV ~ 330KV transformers and other power transmission industry areas. Products which are 3520 Phenolic resin cellulose paperbase laminated tube,3640 epoxy-laminated glass fabric tube, ether-modified glass cloth tube (H level), one side of adhesive tape, double-sided adhesive tape, 355 bismaleimides epoxy glass cloth laminated tube, Diamond dotted paper, 1411 phenolic resin varnish(Bakelite glue), 1032 melamine alkyd impregnating varnish ,1032-1 quick-drying varnish, 1230 alkyd paint covering,  crepe insulating papers for electrical purposes and make T4 cardboard tube and insulation parts(T4 ''Dove Tail" spacer,support strip, rectangular strip), Off-Load Tap changer type DWX ,PV-Junction box for solar thin firm. We will meet your requirement by good quality, high quality service and favorable price.


We have service these products for 20 years in China with more than 200 coustomers,which include Baoding Tianwei Group, huapeng  Group, Railway transformer companys and other large and medium sized solar cell companies, users across the country, and with their products export to the foreign countries.


In 2004, Baoding Qianda Electric Co., Ltd was named the credit business company, advanced enterprises by Baoding City Government Enterprise Credit Evaluation Committee, We also get the international ISO 9001:2008 standard certification and Discharge permit by Bao Ding City Environmental Protection Bureau.


Qianda always support to the "quality first, reputation first" business purpose, and a "three guarantees" to provide high quality services, produce high quality product and company has been trusted by our customers.


update: 22/06/12